SAMBAL PEDAS: Ozlem Esen Mell

Roadtripper* Flying foxes* Lover* Surf Gazer
If you inherited an acre of land in Bali where would it be and what would you do with it?
We have land in Kabal Kabal that is like old Bali ..Nobody around for miles- waterfalls and rivers. It is a jungle paradise. Hubby and I intend to build a recording studio retreat with tree houses, flying foxes gliding over the rock pool river and swimming holes. That’s where we dream that we will retire and raise our kiddies…But if I could inherit something in Flores or Pacitan on the beach that would be  amazing. Anywhere that does not have tortured horses slaving on humans by the ocean …
If you could have a Bali Freaky Friday situation going on who would you pick for the body swap?
OH that’s easy. I would be lightning bolt face for a day.I always wonder what that guy is thinking and what his story is. I see him all the time at Canggu Deli. You all probably have, telling stories about JIm Morrison and Bob Marley… I would drive in his red car with music blaring like he does and see what it feels like from his end! He fascinates me.
What is your Bali vehicle of choice?
Jared borrowed Ellis  Ericsons van. It has no air con, the motor is under the car so you can imagine how hot it is given the Bali heat and traffic…Oh and the brakes don’t work. My mum was losing it with laughter when we rocked up to pick her up. She was like “You could live out of this car!” There is coffee, clothes, towels, plastic fruit to name some of the contents…Pretty fun with the dogs and boards though!
What was your first thought when you woke this morning?
I was finally 3 months pregnant!!!!!! Shhhhh
Your first memory of Bali? Year, place, doing what?
I think  it would have been 2002-3. Double 6. Listening to the drumming on the beach at sunset…I just loved the atmosphere, smells and the freedom I felt by being in Bali…
What Indonesian word do you most commonly use?
Toss up between panas (hot) and Aduuuuuuu (Oh My God)
Perfect Bali Sunday is spent where? Doing what? With whom?
To be honest a perfect Sunday is starting the day at the beach watching my man surf, followed by Samadi markets for all the fresh organic produce before we head home and cook together having ipod battles, reading and stuffing our faces…we love not having to be anywhere or have anything planned on Sundays…
What is the name of your favourite Bali dog?
Thats a hard one We have Coolio our rescue dog, Kiss killer, Tupac our Munduk dog and slayer who we lost….
If you could have any prezzie originating from Bali what would it be?
Hmmmmm probably this old Balinese horse carriage I saw the other day xxx
Show us your last mobile phone piccie taken in Bali


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