Couples That Trip: Maria Fe & Jake Snow

“Hello my name is Maria. I have made some huge changes in my life over the last two years. I grew up in Spain until I was 3 and then moved to Germany. Deep down I’ve always wanted to live and travel overseas but as I became an adult I bought the idea that I had to work hard, get a good job, buy a house and settle down. It wasn’t until a family tragedy when my father passed away that I realised that life is too short to not do things that give me joy. So I booked a ticket to Asia and thats when I met Jake.”

“Hi there, I’m Jake. Ive been travelling for close to 6 years on and off. I’ve worked ski seasons in Canada, studied to become a dive master in Honduras, backpacker around central America and tree planter in the Yukon. I can’t remember a time when I haven’t wanted to explore new places. Still to this day my favourite travel memory was meeting this girl.”

Hi, we are @bestinbali and love that you spent a month here stylising a journey Romeo and Juliet style. You make us want to fall in love all over again and in all the right places. Check it out. Xx


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