Girls that Longboard

My oceanic girl crush of the week is the first annointed Indonesian female competitive longboard surfer, Flora Christin Butarbutar. In 2016 Flora could hardly swim and surfing was only a pipeline relentless itchy dream. So to stop the itch she did what every young, beautiful, living in Jakarta, 26 year old Human Resources Leader does; quits her well paid secure job, kisses her family goodbye, goes travelling and moves to Bali. Flora’s smashed it ever since.

Two years on and Sumatran stunner Flora is now a sponsored surfer and documentary creator. Her mission is to share her story to prove nothing is impossible. Its heavily directed as a message to her Indonesian sisters. The message being you can rock the equilibrium and become true to your aspirations. The documentary in making is called Bali Goddesses, and features more than a handful.

If you’ve ever been to Batubolong beach, you may have spotted Flora. A wild beautiful honey coloured goddess in her own rights, dancing on the waves propped up on a pink longboard. Flora initially rented a board, then bought a steady secondhand longboard to perfect her skills and oceanic routines. Next moment her hardwork pays off and Folklore Bali ( came along and shaped her signature new pink longboard – a 9’2” MarMar singlefin. The sponsorship was ON.

Flora loves that pink singlefin for dancing on the waves and feeling like a lady.

I love Flora because she owns it especially when twirling endlessly on a longboard.


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