Gypsylands and Doof

Meet Kai Suteja, 24, just different, Balinese, Aussie, Greek a pinch of out there genius, sautéed with youth is sometimes never wasted on the young naivety. I cant imagine him stressed. Talking to Kai hes like a bulletproof pup who thinks it was the most normal thing in the world to set up Balis backyard version of the Burning Man – with more “doof”.

Kai, with only one other partner in crime, literally built a fantasy in your face crazy wonderland come badlands on an empty plot in downtown Bali and created a rave of immense theatrical proportions that they annointed Gypsyland. So this bleached blonde dude somehow blundered along relentlessly and one month shy apres Summer Solstice (July 21) pulled off perhaps the most flamboyant and urban mythical event downtown Baliwood has encountered.

Like every young man with rockstar ambitions his mojo is chicks, kombucha and techno. Throw in a halfpipe and you got yourself a ticket to a nights stay in Motel madness. If you dont believe the hype you are so not alone. Check out this comic approval that Kai got served by Kyle and Jackie O Australias notorious brekkie radioshow on KIIS 106.5 FM.

Kai really is an atomic bomb of youth his super power being creating and solving the matrix of festie madness. His hood is definately Bali where he has spent most of his life but he also reeks of his native Sydneys big balls of possibilty.

Gypsyland Festival is Kais testament to entrepreneurial clumsiness while making his dreams and nightmares everyones. Kai essentially created a tongue in cheek, raw, existential masquerade music celebration that paid off. Round two is just around the corner on October 27th, yep spooky doofed up raving horror in a “fucking kindie”.

“GYPSY LANDS is a Music and Arts Festival akin to the Australian bush doof scene. It’s a one day rendezvous of contemporary electronic music, glitter, butterflies and all things bliss with a dark twist. It’s an interactive immersive environment where worlds collide, good versus evil.”

When did you first decide to create Gypsylands?

November last year, it’s actually a funny story. I ran into a guy who looked oddly familiar we paused for a second and he was like “are you Kai?” confused I was like “yeah” he goes “I’m Putu”. At that moment everything clicked, we were best friends in Kindergarten at the Montessori School on Oberoi. We hadn’t seen each other in probably 20 years but we started to hang out again and both really clicked. I brought up the idea of hosting a bush doof and he was super interested. We checked out some land, found the spot and were just like “fuck it let’s do this”.

You told @kyleandjackieo girls are the key ingrediant to any great festie is that because you are on the market?

It’s basic marketing, girls equals guys; a party with too many guys is a “sausage fest” but a party with too many girls is well, a great party. Interestingly enough, Im currently seeing a girl which started from a gifted ticket to the festival.

You defied all event organising basic rules class 101 and booked an unknown, no social presence, Chinese DJ on a mates recommendation. How did that work out?

He was probably the best received by everyone. There were countless people trying to find out who he was, although unsuccessful due to his inexistence online. He’s actually very well known in the underground techno scene in Shanghai, but you’ll never find him on Instagram due to internet censorship within China.

Is techno making a come back?

I don’t think it ever left.

What went down at the first Gypsyland Fest?

Neither of us had any prior experience just a vision we wanted to execute. It was yin and yang; there were cage fights, skating, tattoos, piercings and gambling juxtaposed with kombucha, marriage ceremonies, glitter and of course sex in the maze.

What the fuck is kombucha and why?

Kombucha is an elixir of probiotic goodness most commonly consumed by those interested in horoscopes. Why do people take anything? I don’t know… probably because it releases some sort of endorphine of pleasure.

Where would you have gone partying in the 90s?

Any UK underground raves

List your influences?

Justin Bieber

Why vegan?

Makes me feel better than the general population and is a great boost to my ego.

Whats going to be different about the next Gypsyland Festival.

Heaps more skitz shit. We had to say no to a bunch of ideas we had just because of budget constraints, although to be fair we still went five times over the initial budget.

What have you learnt?

If you want something done right away, you’ll have to do it yourself. A lot of people outsource jobs, it does make your life easier but it costs more and is never an identical replication of what you had in mind. This festival was incredibly hands on, we worked with a small team and most jobs from graphic design, ticket management, web development, site planning and marketing were all handled by ourselves.

List 6 things you need to live your life.

Food , water, shelter, electricity, laptop, wifi.

Tickets for the ultimate Bali based spooked Gypsyland Festival on October 27th can be bought by tapdancing your way to here

Kais portraits were taken by http://@sasha_navetnaya

This interview was written by http://@lornajeanwanders


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